Tweetdeck is on Fleekdeck

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tweetdeck I was instructed to create a Twitter account for a class. I followed a few accounts to make it look legit and already I was overwhelmed. Tweets kept piling through. I was getting overwhelmed. Let me introduce you to Tweetdeck, the solution. With Tweetdeck you can organize your twitter feed into a variety of different columns to manage and keep track of your tweets so you don’t miss anything. Tweets can be organized by columns that filter trending topics, favourited tweets, lists that filter a group of users, columns that filter your mentions, etc. Here’s what it looks like…

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.37.43 AM

Tweetdeck offers a different type of search experience than what we’re use to with other search engines. Maybe the most obvious difference, is that this type of search is exclusive to Twitter and what’s important to understand about Twitter is that things are published in real-time. This information is the most current information you can get on the internet. You can know about something almost instantaneously.

Another important difference is that this way of searching is way more organized than a Google search. When you search using Google, you might get the most general results related to your search term possible. That is almost never a good thing.

Using Tweetdeck, tweets can be organized is so many different ways to make finding what you want easier. Tweets often contain links related to the topics or hashtags that make it easier to find what you want. These tweets come from users, human beings. That means that these tweets are verified by people who often include links relating to the tweet, giving credibility to the topic they’re tweeting about.