Project Proposal, Will You Marry Me?

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In the tradition of the project proposal, myself as well as two other members of the #EID100 course put together a presentation that proposes the final project we are proposing. We propose that this proposal be proposed using Google platforms, Hangouts on Air and Slides. Here is our proposed proposal.

Project Proposal by: Sydney Boniface, Aaron Cordeiro and Victoria Schupp

The Googly Googs featuring Google and the Google Search Band

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I’ve been using Google to search the web since I started using the web. Now that Google is all sophisticated and runs shit now, it’s all like “Hey man! I’ve changed. I feel like we’re not using our relationship to it’s full potential.” And I’m all like, “Google, when did this happen? I feel like I don’t know you anymore!” But it’s okay because Google makes things easy.

Let’s catch up.

Searching for an exact word or phrase.

Google wants us to keep things simple. Make sure to work out the key ideas of what you’re asking and keep it concise.
Let’s say I want to know what Elvis’ last words were. In real life I would ask, “What were Elvis’ last words?” In the Google world, those five words are way too much. It’s a good idea to use only necessary words. Try searching instead: Elvis last words. By searching the query this way, you avoid unnecessary words that could sabotage your super important search. Using unnecessary words like the, a, & and will likely include unnecessary pages in your results.

Another bonus tip: Keeping in mind what your search is, it might be helpful to use words that you think the writer of your desired information would use when writing about your query.

Ps. Elvis’ last words were, “I’m going to the bathroom to read.”

Specifically searching for something specifically on a specific site.

Say you only want to search for something but exclusively on one site…you can do that! First, type your query term(s) then type site: followed by the site’s URL.

Google_Specific Site

Defining life and also words.

If you’ve been going to or worse, opening up the book version of the dictionary, you’ve been wasting your time. Dude, it’s so simple. All you gotta do is type define and then the word. Define and then the word. It’s so simple.



This is how to shop online, like a boss.

“Life is a game and true love is a trophy”. That was a quote by Rufus Wainwright and for me online shopping is that trophy. You know who else loves shopping? Google does.

Google Shopping is a feature that allows you to search for a product and see if its available near your location while also allowing you to search based on a set price range, seller or for new items only.

Google_Online Shopping

Love in the time of searching for file types.

Searching by file type comes in handy if you need information in a specific format. Let’s say you come across the need for a picture of Fergie to put on your blog. You want a internet safe file type so a PNG seems like the best fit. By typing your search term then filetype:png, you will only get PNG files of Fergie.



I want this but not that. This is for picky people.

When it comes to search sometimes you know exactly what you want, but related terms might get in the way of getting the results you need. By adding “quotations” around words like the for a title, the search becomes much more focused toward the search in relation to your title rather than terms within the title.

Let’s us American treasure Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as an example. By adding quotations around “the”, I get a completely focused search on Dwayne.

Google_The Rock 1

If you want to search The Rock but are more focused on everything but his cinematic endeavors then you would simply type a “-“ in front of the term that you would like to omit from the search.

Google_The Rock 4


Finding similar stuff to stuff.

I just finished reading Haylee Duff’s (sister of Hilary Duff) 2015 resolutions on her website Real Girls Kitchen and I can’t get enough. I’ve exhausted Haylee’s blog but want more.

By typing in related: then the site’s URL you can find everything related to Real Girls Kitchen! YAY!


And I quote. Wait, what exactly did you say?

There’s no way that I don’t remember the crazy antics that Amanda Bynes pulled back in 2013, but there was one tweet that I can’t exactly remember the wording of. If I type what I remember and asterisk the words that I don’t, then I can find the complete quote to later insult others.

Google_Amanda Bynes

Other the hand, maybe saying “he’s rocking that incest face” might be a bit much….


Words that are connected on pages…how?

Hosting a party? Guests on their way? Too stupid to read the box and just figure out the recipe? Search terms that are connected words like jello shots, can be connected by typing a “-“ between them. This will generate results relating to pages that deal exclusively with jello shots, not just jello and not just shots.

Although in real life, those two terms are fine ideas on their own.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.11.10 PM

OMG did u see that #TBT #selfie?

REAL WORLD SCENARIO: You’re super hungry. Instead of eating, you are looking at pictures of food that you could be eating but aren’t. Where is someone supposed to find an endless supply of delicious treat and snack imagery? #FOODPORN.

By typing a # in front of a search term, Google will generate results that include hastagged terms. This especially comes in handy if you want to find results within a social media context.

Look at the difference in results between not using and then using a hashtag in my query.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.53.41 AM