The Social Club


Now here’s a club that really teaches how to be social, in a smart and safe way. The Social Club is a gathering place where young people can talk about social media and learn to protect their security. The Social Club has got your back!

Check out The Social Club’s tips and advice on their newly created Pinterest account here:

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The Social Club is a online media safety organization created by Sydney Boniface, Aaron Cordeiro and Victoria Schupp.

PSA: Love Yourself

image manipulation, psa

On the topic of video and image manipulation, it is important to be aware of how and why images are being manipulated. We are bombarded with an overload of images everyday and are therefore affected by them. The messages expressed in these images, mostly through advertising can affect our perspectives on not only the world, but on ourselves as well.

Here is a video that works to teach that the very flaws that are being hidden in the images we consume should be embraced.