The Internet and I: A Love Story

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The Internet and I use to have a great relationship, but things got complicated.

Our breakup was rough. Transitioning back into a single relationship status wasn’t easy but as the old adage says, “cookies heal all”. While I was enjoying single life, everyone else was getting into serious relationships with SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. PDA in the form of hash tagging and selfie-taking was now…normal and…acceptable? Needless to say, I was starting to feel a little lonely.

The Internet certainly has evolved since I was a kid. This Internet is the Web 2.0, an interactive, interoperable driven platform of endless information. In 1996 the number of websites in existence hovered around 100,000. Today it’s over one billion…and counting. Instead of dial-up preventing the simultaneous use of computer and landline, I can now store information on a variety of devices and by using something mysterious called “The Cloud”, can access that information on any computer, anywhere in the world. Things were getting a bit too serious.

I don’t think I’m ready for the sort of serious relationship that involves #ThrowbackThursday or swiping right or left, but I’d like to give it another go.

I will make to you (the Internet) this vow. I will use this opportunity to get to know you better. I will choose to love the best parts of you and to not involve myself with the other parts that we see differently on. I will spend time with you, but I will not let you distract me from those that I am right in front of. And finally, I will use you in a way that offers an outlet for thought, creativity and inspiration.

Let’s take it slow.


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